Yoga works through an interaction of mindfulness, breathing, physical movement and intentional relaxation;

it is the skills we learn in the practice that impact our daily lives.


tegan teaches weekly classes, customized workshops, and group or corporate trainings in yoga, mindfulness, aerial arts, acrobatics, dance, and psychology.

embodied literacy

Divergent from the compartmentalized fields of study that we so often cling to – is the idea that our bodies learn. In accepting this we must accept the fact that our mind and body do not exist as separate parts. But in fact, are one evolving unit interacting with a complex environment. Tegan believes that stress, trauma, and resilience are interrelated parts of a working whole. She studies how they are learned… and unlearned.


tegan’s academic pursuits include teaching and research in embodied development, resilience, and psychosocial wellness.

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tegan’s research is grounded in educational psychology with a focus on embodied learning, resilience, and development.