my story

I believe we can all fly. But I don’t just teach physical manipulation of gravity – I teach about breaking free from the things that weigh us down.

So I teach flight. I teach resilience.  I research how our bodies learn to carry the weight of what happens (and what we think will happen). So we learn. We learn through experience. I choreographed an aerial piece in 2012 to tell this story. Set to a version of “I need a Hero” and performed with Chris Brown’s amazing fire art – this piece is about resilience through exploring what binds us (including the belief that someone else will save us). 

My years of instruction and leadership took me all over the globe, teaching brain-body techniques.  As researcher, I study two specific parts of this equation: the ways in which stress and trauma may be learned and felt in the body (that which holds us down)… and the use of practices like mindfulness and yoga to increase resilience (that which helps us soar). For me there is no greater purpose in life; to help us fly together.  

I teach these concepts in corporate, movement, and academic settings.  If you are interested in taking a class, setting up a lesson or scheduling a workshop please contact me.

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