In line with her personal mission to inspire greatness, impact change, and ignite passion; Tegan offers a number of services.

Consultation | Workshops | Curriculum | Instruction | Coaching

Optimizing Teams, Organizations, and Corporations

Programs designed to facilitate a community of collaborative resilient team members with neurologically informed tools to deal with high stress situations.  Offerings can be customized and include a preliminary goal setting session to identify your team’s unique needs and create an inclusive program with the cornerstone components of mindfulness included.

Integrative Mindfulness Training & Curriculum6-12 months
Workshops2-5 hours
Leadership One-to-One30 – 90 minutes
MBSR8 weeks
Custom Curriculum3-12 weeks

Teacher and Leadership Training

With a focus on embodied learning and teaching, Tegan offers a range of curriculum to increase our potential as teachers, therapists, coaches, and leaders. Curriculum is generally offered in 5-week sessions and includes two in-person meetings, weekly zoom sessions, and at home practices. Continuing education credits are available upon request including Yoga Alliance and APA CEs.

Embodied Empathysix weeks
Integrative Lens(es) on ethics, communication and healthfive weeks
Acute Attention: Closed Focus Mindfulnessfive weeks
Expanded Awareness: Open Focus Mindfulnessfive weeks
Customized Curriculum

Personal Training and Sport Psychology

With a focus on optimal wellness, Tegan uses evidence-based techniques to improve mental and physical agility. Personal sessions include agility training, breath work, and mental optimization. Tegan also works with teams and individuals to optimize their mental training toward better performance.

Tegan is exceptionally composed under high levels of expectation. She is a thorough and detailed communicator when giving a presentation and leaves no stone unturned when preparing documentation. Tegan is compassionate and researches all possible outcomes when making decisions that regard others and their work.

— Michelle Allison

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