Mindfulness & Movement


The union of mind and body is not a new concept. Yoga is a form of mindful movement that improves proprioception and interception. Practices include breathing exercises, physical training, and meditative practice.


A form of play, acrobatics is a pivotal connector of our own mind and body, and also each other. Acrobatics practices help us feel a deeper way of communicating and has both therapeutic and fitness benefits. Offerings include both aerial and partner acrobatics.


Based in awareness and nervous system connection, mindfulness is a practice that sharpens focus, softens disruptive thoughts and feelings, and empowers us to have agency over our choices.


The most meaningful and primal source of expression is dance. Music and creation is a vital part of authentic connection and wellbeing. Offerings and expertise include team-dance routine cleaning, adjudication, choreography, and expressive dance (play) therapy.

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