Performance Optimization


Through sport psychology, athletic endeavors can be enhanced through evidence-based embodied methods. Offering both one-on-one and group work, performance optimization may include sharpened agility, increased motivation, nervous-system agency (i.e. YIPS breakthroughs), and enhanced awareness.

Health & Wellness

[True] optimization is only possible as a whole-body approach. The brain is not separate or able to separate. Health and wellness coaching is sometimes the most important part of performance optimization.


Through expertise psychology, career coaching and executive training can sharpen your ability to operate in high-pressure settings. From perspective taking to prioritization, work on harnessing the nervous system can improve performance.


High performance is a collaborative effort. Now more than ever the ability to support, connect, disagree, and commit, are vital to success. Using evidence-based methods of inquiry and communication you can improve your teams ability to achieve.

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