New Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Tegan Jemma is offering an opportunity to learn, play, and support others in flight.  With her 10 years of Aerial Yoga and Aerial  teaching experience, and19 years of yoga, dance, and acrobatics instruction she and Cooper Street Yoga are offering an affordable way for yogis and teachers to develop and grow.

Attendees will receive:

  • 10 core sequences that are part of a balanced curriculum, moving through a warm up, conditioning, proprioceptive/stability development, peak posture, and restoration
  • Underlying anatomical and psychological components of the sequences and exercises
  • Verbal cueing, instruction, and coaching techniques
  • Spotting, safety, supporting, and assisting aerial training
  • Safety considerations and secure rigging requirements

IMG_5492There are two options for those interested:  A 25-hour training that includes the curriculum and group experience, and an extended 50-hour training individualized with direct mentorship.

25-hour training intensive is for those interested in learning curriculum concepts and skills to spot, coach, and teach. $300

  • 15 hours of teacher-specific weekend training
  • Saturday (Jan 4th & Feb 22st): 3 – 7 pm
  • Sunday (Jan 5th & Feb 23nd): 2:30 – 6 pm
  • 10 hours of workshop weekend training
  • Saturday (Jan 4th & Feb 22st): 12 – 3 pm
  • Sunday (Jan 5th & Feb 23nd ): 12– 2:30 pm

50-hour training individualized training is for those interested in teaching and has additional hours as follows: $450

  • 10 hours of didactic training
  • 10 hours class assisting
  • 5 hours of mentored training

Teachers interested in coaching/teaching at Cooper Street Yoga are required to complete 50 hour training.

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