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 Schauss, E., *Horn, M. G., *Ellmo, F. Reeves, T. J., Zettler, H. Bartelli, D., Cogdal, P., & West, S. (2019) Fostering intrinsic resilience: A neuroscience-informed model of conceptualizing and treating adverse childhood experiences. Neurocounseling. 4(3) doi: 10.17744/mehc.41.3.04
Resilience: A Qualitative Evaluation of a Residential Yoga-based Program for Frontline Professionals

Learning from convergence: Instruction strategies from a mind-body practice

Implicit and Explicit Therapeutic and Pedagogical Beliefs of Yoga Instructors

Yoga Instructor Beliefs and experience: differences across styles of yoga

Yoga Instructor Beliefs Scale (YIBS): Development and Validation

A Qualitative Analysis of Yoga Instructor Beliefs Across Styles within an Educational Psychology Framework

A Qualitative Case Study Comparison of Expression and Performance of Yoga Instruction


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