Tegan’s aerial and acrobatics experience extends into circus camps, static trapeze, gymnastics and cheerleading.  With certifications in gymnastics, cheerleading and aerial arts her instruction blends her kinesthetic knowledge with students individual needs.

Teaching Experience

Certification of Sport Educators: USASF Officials (5 years), USASF Coaches (7 years), ICU (2 years), AACCA (2 years), Aerial Yoga Memphis, Starfish Circus

Curriculum Development and Design: USASF Dance Coaches, USASF Dance Adjudicators, USASF Dance Safety Judges, USASF All Star Cheer, Aerial Yoga Memphis, Aerial Arts Memphis

Instruction Experience: Public Speaking (12 years), Yoga (10 years), Cheerleading (10 years), Dance (10 years), Swimming (5 years), Daycare (5 years)

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